Lunch: Apparently, It’s a Three Handroll Kind of Day

Complete impulse purchase that was the end result of desire for affordable lunchtime sushi plus having no cash and needing to meet (or at least come close to) the $15 credit card minimum. Three handrolls for $13.85? Perfect. Done. 

IMG_0209The last (and only previous) time that I ordered from Norimaki I tried one of their lunch combos that, at $7.95 for a dozen sushi roll pieces, plus miso soup or salad, is a steal.

Handroll combo, still a good value, but I didn’t enjoy it quite as much. My biggest issue is that I could see that the fish was cut into evenly-sized strips, which just begs the question: “Is this how they get all their fish?” Another question: “Is this what the fish looks like before it goes into the sushi rolls?” And lastly: “Where is this cutting being done, here, as kitchen prep, or earlier?” 

At these prices, no one’s under the impression that Norimaki is serving all-star sushi, but I *hope* it’s better than that.


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