Breakfast: Honest Tea, Just “a Tad Sweet”

Gonna make this one short and just “a tad sweet.” If you identify with any or all of the following statements: 

photoa.) ever drink tea, hot or iced
b.) prefer diet (i.e. “no cal” or “low cal”) drinks
c.) think most bottled beverages that aren’t diet taste too syrup-y sweet
d.) have a personal vendetta with high-fructose corn syrup
e.) get bored with drinking H2O all the time
f.) have a soft spot for companies with sustainable initiatives

You will like Honest Tea. Lightly-sweetened iced tea (“a tad sweet” is one of their mottos), only 35 calories per bottle, no high fructose corn syrup in sight, started by a couple of business school geeks with a soft spot for sustainability, Honest Tea’s a good egg.

TIP: I love that they posted their original business plan on their website; check the “1998” segment of the “Honest Tea” link above. 


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