Dinner: Cheese Plate for One (the “I’m Not So Hungry” Post)

A light, some-assembly-required supper tonight as I’m really not so hungry. I say: If all I want is half an avocado and some cheese and crackers, then find half an avocado and some cheese and crackers.

There are two points worth noting:

photo(4)no. 1: Finding a ripe avocado on demand is 100 times more difficult than finding a television show on demand. I got lucky, as this was a spontaneous craving; after striking out at a local market, I squeezed all 20 of the local fruit-stand guy’s avocados (he was helping me), gambled on this one, and hit gold. It’s perfectly ripe. Also, it’s summer. Infinitely more difficult (impossible?) in winter.

no. 2: This incredible cheese. I had some the other day and didn’t have a chance to write about it; it comes in a self-contained square at Murray’s Cheese Shop with an illustrated, pastoral label; the bottom label says “Caseificino dell’Alta Langa,” Murray’s labels it as “Robiola Bosina,” a sheep- and cows-milk cheese that, according to the label, is:

“Not to be confused with Robiola made of fresh, snowy cow’s milk: This is Robiola Bosina, aka “Due Latte.” This luscious little slab of mild, creamy goodness is made from the pasturized milk of Piedmont cows and shseep, making for a perfectly balanced set of flavors: mushroomy, salty, and sweet. Bosina’s silky interior has been known to run from the tender, edible rind ever so gently across the plate when given the time to warm up, so be ready with slices of crusty bread in one hand and a flute of Prosecco in the other. Multi-tasking was never so delicious!”

Yeah. Amen to that.


Lunch: The Whole Foods Strategy Session (Gameplan no. 1)

I can get in-and-out of Whole Foods‘ expansive by-the-pound buffets, prepared-food offerings and packaged to-go food section for less than $7 several ways. Here’s gameplan no. 1:

photo(2)Part One: Ever noticed these petite little sandwiches hanging out in a couple of baskets underneath the triangle-cut, sandwich-bread, to-go sandwiches? So long as you select thoughtfully (e.g. avoid the tuna salad, which guarantees a soggy roll), these guys are a score at $2.99 ea.

My ham and Emmenthaler pick today included a thick piece of cheese (you can see it hanging over) and three large, round slices of ham folded in half to fit the bread, which was a sweet, fluffy roll that reminds me of a King’s Hawaiian Roll more than anything else.

I have to note that the sandwiches are assembled just right so as to best preserve the goods: The cheese is next to a dry bun, followed by the meat, and a few slices of tomato, which are protected from the bottom bun by lettuce leaves, which are, by comparison, much dryer. I appreciate that.

photo(3)Part Two: A salad. Start with the smallest salad bar container available; fill about halfway with greens, drizzle with dressing.

Now, the fun part. Toppings. I generally go for a cheese, a protein, one of the grain-salad mixes and maybe something a little extra, but always opting for the small bits, the small grains, the thin-shaved vegetables.

Case-in-point: Mixed greens; lemony vinaigrette dressing; sliced red onion; cooked edamame; a quinoa salad; feta cheese; slivered almonds. Hell yeah.

Here’s what my bill looked like:

Sandwich … $2.99
Cold food bar (0.38 @ $7.99/lb) … $3.04
Lrg. bag 365 brand potato chips … $0.99

Total, pre-tax … $7.02

Breakast: Bunny Luv (The Case for Bunny Graham Friends Post)

A admit, I bought Annie’s Bunny Graham Friends because of the box; it makes me happy.

photoThe better news is that the contents inside — graham snacks in a cute bunny shape, in the flavors of honey, chocolate and chocolate chip — go really well with a cup of tea and really aren’t bad for you.

A nutrition label snapshot: One serving, or 30 bunny pieces, only has 130 calories, 8 grams of sugar and 20% daily recommended serving of calcium. Those are better stats than your average container of yogurt, where calorie count is greater than 200, sugars creep up into the 23-26 gram range, and calcium is about 15%.

Is it time for a bad rabbit pun? I think so:
So what are you waiting for? Hop to it.