Dinner: Cheese Plate for One (the “I’m Not So Hungry” Post)

A light, some-assembly-required supper tonight as I’m really not so hungry. I say: If all I want is half an avocado and some cheese and crackers, then find half an avocado and some cheese and crackers.

There are two points worth noting:

photo(4)no. 1: Finding a ripe avocado on demand is 100 times more difficult than finding a television show on demand. I got lucky, as this was a spontaneous craving; after striking out at a local market, I squeezed all 20 of the local fruit-stand guy’s avocados (he was helping me), gambled on this one, and hit gold. It’s perfectly ripe. Also, it’s summer. Infinitely more difficult (impossible?) in winter.

no. 2: This incredible cheese. I had some the other day and didn’t have a chance to write about it; it comes in a self-contained square at Murray’s Cheese Shop with an illustrated, pastoral label; the bottom label says “Caseificino dell’Alta Langa,” Murray’s labels it as “Robiola Bosina,” a sheep- and cows-milk cheese that, according to the label, is:

“Not to be confused with Robiola made of fresh, snowy cow’s milk: This is Robiola Bosina, aka “Due Latte.” This luscious little slab of mild, creamy goodness is made from the pasturized milk of Piedmont cows and shseep, making for a perfectly balanced set of flavors: mushroomy, salty, and sweet. Bosina’s silky interior has been known to run from the tender, edible rind ever so gently across the plate when given the time to warm up, so be ready with slices of crusty bread in one hand and a flute of Prosecco in the other. Multi-tasking was never so delicious!”

Yeah. Amen to that.


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