Lunch: The Whole Foods Strategy Session (Gameplan no. 1)

I can get in-and-out of Whole Foods‘ expansive by-the-pound buffets, prepared-food offerings and packaged to-go food section for less than $7 several ways. Here’s gameplan no. 1:

photo(2)Part One: Ever noticed these petite little sandwiches hanging out in a couple of baskets underneath the triangle-cut, sandwich-bread, to-go sandwiches? So long as you select thoughtfully (e.g. avoid the tuna salad, which guarantees a soggy roll), these guys are a score at $2.99 ea.

My ham and Emmenthaler pick today included a thick piece of cheese (you can see it hanging over) and three large, round slices of ham folded in half to fit the bread, which was a sweet, fluffy roll that reminds me of a King’s Hawaiian Roll more than anything else.

I have to note that the sandwiches are assembled just right so as to best preserve the goods: The cheese is next to a dry bun, followed by the meat, and a few slices of tomato, which are protected from the bottom bun by lettuce leaves, which are, by comparison, much dryer. I appreciate that.

photo(3)Part Two: A salad. Start with the smallest salad bar container available; fill about halfway with greens, drizzle with dressing.

Now, the fun part. Toppings. I generally go for a cheese, a protein, one of the grain-salad mixes and maybe something a little extra, but always opting for the small bits, the small grains, the thin-shaved vegetables.

Case-in-point: Mixed greens; lemony vinaigrette dressing; sliced red onion; cooked edamame; a quinoa salad; feta cheese; slivered almonds. Hell yeah.

Here’s what my bill looked like:

Sandwich … $2.99
Cold food bar (0.38 @ $7.99/lb) … $3.04
Lrg. bag 365 brand potato chips … $0.99

Total, pre-tax … $7.02


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3 thoughts on “Lunch: The Whole Foods Strategy Session (Gameplan no. 1)

  1. Why submit yourself to those when you can get:

    1 Vegetable
    1 Starch
    1 Meat

    all for under $7?

    For under $7.00 you can have 2 sides and 1 meat rather than that small ass sandwich.

    Or you can mix it up a bit and have a soup w/ 2 sides or 1 soup and rolls and maybe a piece of fruit.

    There’s too many cheap combos to limit yourself to the small sandwiches.

  2. […] Making good food decisions on the fly is not one of my strong suits. And unlike ice cream toppings, which are made to go together (often times the more the merrier), there are more bad ideas than good ideas lurking at the salad station.Β I feel like I inevitably end up with one item that makes the whole thing gross, like fresh mozzarella … and silky tofu. Plus, with so many options, it’s difficult go get out for less than $7, which is often my goal. […]

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