Missed: The Friday Food Kerfuffle

Eating regularly and generally healthfully is difficult enough, let along blogging about it 17 times a week. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.

That’s pretty much what happened on Friday; I had a strategy for the day, and it failed, multiple times.

First, I forgot to take a photo of the vanilla Instant Breakfast mix that, mixed with milk, was my “breakfast” because I had a big lunch adventure planned. However, I photo(11)got so caught up with work that I ended up missing lunch entirely, and about 4:15p I broke down and went fridge-scavenging, devising this plate of fresh mozzarella, salami slices, avocado and water crackers, which I promptly devoured. But by the time I ate, it was so late that then I wasn’t hungry for dinner at the regularly-appointed time. I ended up meeting up with friends out and about later, unintentionally skipping dinner because I was too busy socializing.

And that’s the Friday food kerfuffle.


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