Lunch: Sandwich House Makes Surprisingly Good … Sandwiches

I’m exploring far, far downtown eats for an article I’m writing, which is how I ended up at Sandwich House today, on recommendation.

I’ll be totally honest, I kind of wasn’t impressed. Salads in take-away boxes sparsely fill a front-facing refrigerated display case that I’d think normally sandwich shop might use to show off its selection of premium meats, cheeses, condiments, etc. (Come to think of it, where were the goods? Back fridge?)

photophoto(3)The restaurant was mostly empty, and something about the signage and menu design (cleanliness of design? clip art?) vaguely worried me. I felt relief to see the daily specials sign at the register.

photo(2)The sandwich menu is huge, so I figured, what better place to begin than with a special: half a roast beef sandwich, a small pea soup and a diet Pepsi set me back a mere $8.75. I left … not knowing what to expect, frankly.

And then I unwrapped my sandwich. The roast beef was rare it’d left a little bloody pool in my butcher paper. I was not expeacting that. For a medium-rare beef eater, though, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If nothing else, it’s a sign of freshness; roast beef is intended to be sliced ultra-thin and ultra-pink, but the stuff you normally get in the store is either overcooked or dried out.

The roast beef juice soaked into the hearty baker’s sort of multi-grain bread that’s been smearead with Russian dressing; also tucked in there were roasted red peppers, nice leafy greens and … basil. A really thoughtful sandwich, actually, with first-class ingredients. I’ll pass along the recommendation.

TIP: The soup was good, but on an ordinary day I’d stick with what’s in the name — or at least begin there. Save the other options for that day you can’t do another sandwich.

Bloody beef photo after the jump:



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