Breakfast: Look Closer, It’s Not Soda (the Fizzy Lizzy Post)

I often start the day with a serving of fruit juice, but this is a first: it tastes like I’m drinking a soda for breakfast. 

photoAh, but look again: No sugar added. Just fruit juice, water and bubbles. That’s one of two secrets of Fizzy Lizzy‘s awesome fruit spritzers, the second being that the percentage of juice varies between 35% (Northern Lights Cranberry) and 70% (Lone Star Grapefruit), which means you’re not getting 100% of the calories of 100% juice, and still having a refreshing juice beverage.

To which my mother, if we were engaged in a dialogue standing in a kitchen somewhere, would point out: Nor are you getting 100% of the juice’s nutrients.

And I’d respond: Yeah, but 70% juice in a 12 oz. serving size — that’s roughly the same amount of juice as an 8 oz. glass of 100% juice. Right? 

Welcome to my childhood. This is exactly the sort of nerdy nutritional debates we had all the time growing up. Loved it.


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