Lunch: Strangely, Exactly What I Wanted (the “Pret Coffee Discovery” Post)

Discombobulated. Doing unlike-myself-sort-of-things. Case in point: 

—Drinking coffee (albeit STRONG Dark Roast Sumatran, organic and fair trade coffee from Pret a Manger). I’d wager that I only grab a milky coffee/espresso drink — or any coffee/espresso drink, for that matter — a couple of times a month. But today, for some reason, I was craving a legit, strong coffee. (Translation: still mixed with skim milk, half-and-half and a sweetener). 

photophoto-1  —Not hungry. What?! When am I not hungry (not a rhetorical question). But for whatever reason, I am not hungry, and particularly not for a traditional sandwich. Plus, I’d put myself on a $6 lunch budget, so I have limits to what I can buy. And if I want my giant coffee … you see where this is going.

photo-2After a little vegetable-to-protein-to-price analysis, I picked up a Slim Avocado and Basil sandwich from Pret a Manger ($2.59) — a half-size of one of their classic veggie sandwiches. Because even if I wasn’t quite hungry now, I knew I would be soon.  

But here’s where the brilliance shines through: I didn’t see that Pret offered iced coffees until I was at the register paying, and I saw it listed up on the board. So I asked if I could pay an extra $0.40 US (or whatever cents you’d pay for an iced coffee upgrade), and then just poured the coffee I’d already poured over ice.

You have no any idea of how much iced coffee is ripping you off. It’s all about the ice cubes, baby, and I suspect that the fact that I had still 1/3  cup of coffee not icead, leads me to imagine I’ll probably do it again. …


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