Breakfast: The La Yogurt Exploratory

photo(2)Part of foraging for food in the modern world is trying new products, like this La Yogurt “blended lowfat yogurt” (not sure what that means). Given the shape of the container, and the suggestively French name, my first impression is that the yogurt is sort of a Yoplait copy-cat, aimed at the same demographic buying mid-range grocery store yogurts.

One thing it certainly is not is French: La Yogurt is made by Johanna Foods out of Flemington, NJ. After you’ve fallen for Greek yogurt, nearly every other type of yogurt tastes a little bit like mush. But La Yogurt, in particular, feels almost gelatinous on the tongue, and, wait, is there … do I detect … Yes, every bite of this raspberry yogurt ends with a faint aftertaste of aspartame.


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