Breakfast: A Tamale for Breakfast? Brilliant.

Impulse tamale purchase. Yesterday afternoon I noticed the small, yellow sign in the lower corner of the coffee-pastry truck stationed on the northeast corner of W. 39th Street and 8th Avenue for tamales and arroz con leche. Yes!

photo(3)photo-5There was no way I was passing this by. I took home a cheese tamale for later (ordinarily she carries cheese and chicken, but the chicken had run out for the day), ended up forgetting about it, only to rediscover it this morning. Bingo, breakfast!

photo A tamale for breakfast is such a brilliant idea. Heartier than cereal, the faintly-sweet masa, cheese and — surprise inside — hot peppers trigger an entirely different set of tastebuds than the fruit, the eggs, the yogurts that make up the standard rotation.

At $1.50 each, the price point’s right, too.


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