Breakfast: Tim Horton’s, Back for More (aka the “Apple Cheese Danish” Post)

I generally have a sense of obligation to try the thing a place is known for on my first visit, something to do with establishing a baseline.

So on my first visit to Tim Horton’s, I ordered a half-order of Tim Horton’s doughnut holes, called Timbits (cute, right?), and an iced latte. (For the record, Timbits are the way to to go to taste all of Tim Horton’s doughnut options for about the same number of calories as one whole doughnut.)

photophoto(2)But even then, my first time ever staring into the case of Canada’s no. 1 doughnut purveyor, the apple cheese danish caught my eye. I went back for it today, and I’m so glad I did. Light, fluffy pastry dough, pretty lattice-work crossing over the a lightly-sweet cinnamon-apple filling and a tangy cream cheese baked inside. Beautifully complimentary flavors; but then again, it was gone so fast I never had a chance to second-guess.


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