Lunch: Dressing Up Ranch 1’s Value Chicken Sandwich

photoI found out a little secret: Ranch 1‘s value chicken sandwich ($3.25), is the exact same sandwich — same size tasty breaded chicken cutlet, same sturdy, sesame seed bun, same long pickle slices — as their crispy original, you just don’t get lettuce and tomato. And for that small sacrifice, it’s about $1 cheaper.

photo(2)photo(3)The value chicken sandwich is a really satisfying sandwich at a really great price, especially if you do what I did, which was to put that $1 towards a small side-salad from a nearby by-the-pound salad bar (Duke’s is across the street — don’t go overboard). I took some of the greens and layered them in with the chicken, along with some red onion. So good, and all for less than $6.

photo(4)TIP #1: The Ranch 1 website has a location finder tool. This location is at 141 W. 41st. St., btwn. Broadway and Sixth Ave., and shares with Metro Cafe.
TIP #2: The value really only pays off if you’re ordering the sandwich solo; order either the value chicken sandwich or the crispy chicken sandwich in a combo, and they’re the same price.


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