Lunch: Green Symphony, Back For More (the Avocado Delights Post)

On my first visit to Green Symphony last week, the $7/lb. hot/cold buffet photo-1(verdict: excellent) barely beat out this Avocado Delights sandwich: Two pieces of flatbread, smeared with hummus, and stuffed with a salad’s worth of lettuce greens, sprouts and avocado, priced at $3.95.

This has to be one of the healthiest, cheapest meals in Midtown. Needless to say, Avocado Delights had gotten into my head. I knew I’d be back soon.

… which means, less than a week later. Avocado Delights is as healthy and as fresh as you’d expect, but there’s a fundamental flaw with its composition: It truly IS a salad’s worth of lettuce — only, this salad has no dressing.

photo-2I’m generally a light-on-the-dressing sort of girl, but this much lettuce has got to have something. If I had a bottle of dressing at my desk I would have given the greens a quick toss and rebuilt the sandwich.

As an alternative, I doctored it up with some black bean and avocado salad, you know, the one with bits of cilantro, bell pepper and onion, and a few extra strips of bell pepper. Did the trick — and still for less than $6.

TIP: Green Symphony has a bunch of premade sandwich and wrap options, all under $5, including a chicken curry wrap (free range white meat chicken, mesclun salad, roasted tomatoes, raisins and cashews) and an organic turkey salad wrap (whitemeat turkey salad, fresh tarragon, pecans, tofu, lite mayo, granny smith apples).


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