Editor’s Note: Bringing BLD Project on Board (aka, the “Welcome to I Heart August Month” Post)

An excerpt from an e-mail, titled “I Heart August Month: Kicks Off Tonight!”, sent August 3:

I love August. Probably my favorite month of the year, which also happens to be my birthday, and Burning Man (usually)! So this year I’ve decided that I want to celebrate all month long: celebrate summer, celebrate the heat and sun (bring it!), celebrate the glorious long days and warm nights, celebrate with food, friends, festivities, free culture (while it lasts) …

I’m kicking things off tonight with a new super blonde ‘do! Come check it out and toast to August with margs and appetizers at Tortilla Flats on the Westside — think, pinata fringe hanging from the ceilings, Bingo, velvet Elvis paintings, …

23586204Being the recently-blonded author of said e-mail, I can assure you that I Heart August Month indeed kicked off with an ole!, and has continued in full effect.

But you wouldn’t know that by the neglected state of this blog project, which I also adore. I just haven’t had the discipline, the heart, to write 17 posts x week — it’s not the good meals but the mediocre, shitty, in-between ones that I’m getting hung up on. Which means I never get to some of the good ones, and then other shit ones happen, and before you know it, I’ve built my own proverbial dam. (Damn!)

It took me a while, but I finally figured out what to do:

I am going to align the BLD Project with I Heart August Month. It is so ridiculous that I ever thought they could be separate.

21819507I am going to experiment with the format of the BLD Project. For the duration of I Heart August Month (which ends Labor Day weekend), I am temporarily giving up on the 17 posts x week requirement and instead focusing on my favorite things: travels, eating discoveries, food I adore, food-and-drink-related hijinks, maybe even a little (relevant) shopping or product-related discussion — which I always envisioned would be a part of the content, but I haven’t so far been able to get to it as I’ve been buried in the grind.

In essence, I’m bringing BLD Project on board. If this is my personal marathon, then this is the part where I break off from the designated route and check out some scenic stuff. By no means is it done.

Welcome to I Heart August Month.


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