Saturday: Nearly Made It to the Korean Festival (aka the “Cheap Sake Discovery” Post)

Grand plans of gorging at the city’s annual Korean Festival were slightly foiled by the sudden, motivation-sapping (and nap-inducing) downpour — well, that, plus the fact that I thought we had until 9 p.m. to get out there and sample the goods. Instead, vendors in packing-up mode at 5:30 pm, and the couple that were still selling food, well … the food just looked like it should be the last stuff standing.

IMG_0538photoAnd I’d been so looking forward to sampling small tastes, some kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage) here, a grilled meat skewer there, some tteokbokki elsewhere.

photo-1Thankfully, Woorijip, that old K-Town standby, was not only open, but seriously bustling at 6pm on a Saturday night.

The hot food buffet, as always, was a treasure trove of Korean comfort-food fare: I wound up with a plate that included everything I’d been looking forward to sampling, and then some.

One of the great discoveries of the night, however, was the 180 ml bottles of “the finest Japanese Sake Gekkeikan,” which retailed for $4.95 and came in a plump, screw-top bottle — with your own sake cup. As far as cheap sake goes, this one is a winner. Smooth and mild, lightly floral, the sake has none of the harshness otherwise associated with cheap sake. And the price can’t be beat — draft pints often cost more in this city.

“Foiled” might have been too harsh a term. The plan wasn’t foiled, more like, successfully revised.


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