When the Grand Hyatt New York Throws a Party … (aka the ‘So, So Suite’ Post)

Champagne and canapés, you say, and a tour des suites atop le Grand Hyatt New York? This is what Thursday evenings in New York City were made for. 

The view looking south on Lexington Avenue from the Presidential Suite (where the walk-in closet of the master bedroom was big enough to double as coat check and sounds from a baby grand piano filled the air): 


My favorite bites of the night: These filet mignon toasts with a touch of horseradish creme:


Unexpected photography (and additional artwork, not pictured) — but this was my favorite art engagement moment of the night. This floor-to-ceiling canvas is striking, with the juxtaposition between the horse and the white space. The “George Wong Suite” was styled by said architect. I like his style. Side note: I could totally watch the [Super Bowl, Academy Awards, Westminster Dog Show, fill in the blank] from here.


Best in Show goes to this stunning bathroom design. From this view, which is the point of view of the bed, there’s a deep soak bathtub; followed by a massive rain shower (glass enclosed, access from both sides); that continues on through to a vanity area and sinks beyond. Mind. Blown. 


Not pictured: a cozy, lounging/living room area and massive dining room feature.

Alright, alright, alright. Fine. We can move in tomorrow. 😉



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