Sunday: Roasted Suckling Pig and Garlic Sauciness

photo(7)I think I’ve only seen suckling pig in cooking shows, and/or travel food shows, where the small pig is served whole, which makes for quite an impressive presentation.

It’s the only thing I can think of to explain why I was somehow surprised that the suckling pig entree we ordered from Havana Alma de Cuba (“Lechon Asado al Estilo “La Floridita,” $18), looked basically like, well, pulled pork. It was delicious, ultra-tender, slow-roasted pulled pork, but headless nonetheless. A classic Homer Simpson “doh!” moment.ย 

photo(6)Another winning pick was the calamares appetizer ($10), pan-seared baby squid served in a lucious garlic sauce we ended up pouring over everything. At one point, the side of cassava that came with the pork was outright turned into the sauce, giving the bland root vegetable a whole new reason to be eaten. Such a lovely and simple meal for a quiet Sunday evening.