Breakfast: The Happy for Strawberry Season Post

photoOne of the many wonders of growing up in California was stopping at small, wooden roadside stands with hand-painted signs advertising the produce of the season to buy locally-grown strawberries that were often so local they you could see the fields from which they were picked, stretching out behind the stand. (It’s quite a flat, open view.)

It’s always a pleasure to discover that strawberries are showing up on the carts of street produce vendors here in New York City. I kicked off my own strawberry season this weekend with a toast; the festivities continue this morning with a serving of ripe berries as a prelude to an egg, bacon and grilled onion sandwich (not pictured).


Breakfast: Wednesday, May 12, 2009

photoLast of the berries.

Actually that’s hardly true, but since this batch is getting a little soft they’re perfect to smoosh up into a dairy base with a little honey — I have 1% milkfat cottage cheese, but I’m sort of pretending it’s Red Mango frozen yogurt. Hot damn, that would be a good breakfast!

Breakfast: Thursday, May 7, 2009

photo9Blurry berries still taste delicious (blaming it on the iPhone camera).

Berries were on ridiculous sale at my local street-fruit vendor last night — 2 for $4! — so I picked up a container of blueberries and one of raspberries. They are perfectly ripe, with bruising nearly nonexistent. Berries don’t get much better than this.

Should I stock up and throw a bunch in the freezer for later? For cereal toppings, for smoothies, for fancy margaritas? Maybe I should make a pie?

Breakfast: Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Banana dressed up with peanut butter — Whole Foods’ crunchy “all natural,” to be precise.

I can’t even be clever and call it the “low carb” PB and banana sandwich because fruit has plenty of carbs, which are something I don’t count anyway.

Let’s consider it breakfast in a pinch and get on with it…

Breakfast: Friday, April 3, 2009

This little piggy …

“This little tangerine segment” just doesn’t quite have the same ring, does it? But these little guys do have a porcine quality about them. Maybe it’s how the membrane stretches taught over the fruit. Sausage-like?

Cheery start to a dismally gray day, the sort that makes it really hard to get out of bed, especially if there’s a marathon of Americas Next Top Model on … Not that I would know, I’m in a midtown office building.