Breakast: Bunny Luv (The Case for Bunny Graham Friends Post)

A admit, I bought Annie’s Bunny Graham Friends because of the box; it makes me happy.

photoThe better news is that the contents inside — graham snacks in a cute bunny shape, in the flavors of honey, chocolate and chocolate chip — go really well with a cup of tea and really aren’t bad for you.

A nutrition label snapshot: One serving, or 30 bunny pieces, only has 130 calories, 8 grams of sugar and 20% daily recommended serving of calcium. Those are better stats than your average container of yogurt, where calorie count is greater than 200, sugars creep up into the 23-26 gram range, and calcium is about 15%.

Is it time for a bad rabbit pun? I think so:
So what are you waiting for? Hop to it.


Dinner: Friday, May 1, 2009

photo-8Light, lightly bitter, a little lemon-y, refreshing. I’ve managed to conjure up a salad that tastes exactly like what I’ve been envisioning since, well, lunch. 

I think the key is the endive, Annie’s lemon & chive dressing and the couple of spoonfuls of Wakim’s Foods garbanzo salad — which, being just chick peas, spinach, oil, roasted garlic, lemon juice, salt and spices I perpetually almost feel bad for buying and make note to self to try to find out how to recreate every single time.

What else was in there? Mixed greens, red onion, some cooked beets. After a couple of glasses of red wine, I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight. 

COST: <$5
PREP TIME: 10 minutes

Dinner: Tuesday, April 14, 2009

photo-52Who would ever willingly make a soup that begins with a “broth” that is water in which Kielbasa sausage has boiled for two-thirds of an hour? A soup in which that that severely overcooked sausage comes back into play, along with lemon juice, heavy cream, fresh horseradish and slices of hard boiled eggs … 16 hours later? 

I would. I did. For Easter; it’s the Polish Easter Soup I mentioned in passing. I slurped that broth up with a few brave friends — who liked it to varying degrees, none of which actually, simply, liked it like I do. The best compliment that it got was that it’s “very Polish.”

I’m writing about it tonight because it deserves its due, and was entirely overshadowed by the S’meep Show on Sunday, and because … well, alright, I didn’t go back to the broth which has been in my fridge now for two days, and is entirely separated and strange-looking, but those leftover overcooked Kielbasa slices and extra hard-boiled egg? Couldn’t let that go to waste. 

photo-27So for dinner I made some simple cheese-on-cracker items, topped with the leftover egg, and the Kielbasa was used for even grander plans: Reheated one last time to serve as a mix-in to half a can of Annie’s organic All Stars (fancy version of Chef Boyardee stars — ED NOTE: WTF just went looking for official Internet reference to star-shaped pasta in tomato sauce by Chef Boyardee and ran into this scary CG child!).

COST: Rescuing the about-to-be-tossed. Annie’s can, $2? 
PREP TIME: 10 minutes

Scary picture of how I almost burned down the house and the Kielbasa boiling, all after the jump: Continue reading “Dinner: Tuesday, April 14, 2009”