Lunch and Dinner: Thursday, April 30, 2009

I had such high hopes for today. 











I even ate two small, light meals in anticipation of a highly-caloric night out at T.G.I. Friday’s with a friend of mine who likes to do the cheezy things with me. She found this amazing promotion, actually one of her interns did, where, per instructions from the flyer, we were to first sit at the bar and each order a one-cent appetizer and full-price drink, and after which we were to move to some more serious seating arrangement and each ordered an entree — the second, lesser priced, being $1. 

photo-2Amazing, no?!! Almost like 2-for-1. We were so close.

But, it didn’t happen, and what I am left with is idealistic pre-photos (very healthy lunch, parts 1 and 2, above) and post-realistic photos, where my best option to eat something is faux kiddie pasta in the shape of stars (left). 

And I’m just really wondering, what does it all mean. …


Dinner: Monday, April 27, 2009

Think: Thai lettuce wraps. But with gorgeous, misshapen, market-fresh spinach leaves.

photo-118photo-213And a first-class egg salad (brown hard-boiled eggs, dill, red onion, organic mayonnaise, Gulden’s spicy brown mustard) in the place of some “Asian-inspired” chicken, pork or tofu mixture.

And some pickled vegetables, namely the end of a jar of Sunja’s medium spicy radish kimchee and a couple of Ba-Tempte bread & butter sweet pickle chips — both of which are so, so tasty — in the place of mung bean sprouts.

photo65So really, nothing like Thai lettuce wraps at all, except for the some-assembly-required nature of the meal. Light and delicious, a perfect, simple meal on this unseasonably warm spring night. 

COST: >$5
PREP TIME: Meandering wander home, via USQ greenmarket and Whole Foods

Dinner: Thursday, March 26, 2009

photo10Egg salad sandwich, all dressed up

It’s been a long week and the finish line is in sight, so I’m keeping it simple with my eye on the weekend ahead.

I rough-chopped a couple a’ hard boiled eggs, white onion, fresh dill, and tossed in Hellmann’s mayo and Gulden’s spicy brown mustard.

Sandwiched between a rustic square from Bruno’s ($1.25) and slices of Swiss cheese, I call this little masterpiece finis.

COST: >$5
PREP TIME: 10 minutes