Dinner: The $5.50 Italian Combo Latenight Hero – Hero

photo-20I just couldn’t do pizza again; it wasn’t that sort of day. So I was more than delighted to discover that Fat Sal’s, which has no less than four signs proclaiming “Pizza,” sells a whole lot more. 

Stopping at Fat Sal’s was a strategic move: I was heading out to a bar on a mostly-empty stomach, so bringing food with me was a preemptive move. The chalkboard menu includes full-on plates of pasta, baked pasta dishes, chicken and veal options, pizza (of course), all written in this meticulous block-print handwriting.

I gravitated toward the sandwiches: portable, delicious and good now or in three hours (proven!). I was intrigued by the veal hero (only $7.25!, note to self for later), I opted for that classic cold-cut combo: The Italian. Ham, salami, mortadella, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion.

photo-22photo-23This thing was enormous! I carried it around tucked into my arm like a football for a while, and when I finally broke it out, it satisfactorily fed three of us.

It also came with a small container of red wine vinegar, laced with herbs, that would have made an excellent drizzle on the whole thing, had I not assumed it was a sample of coleslaw or something and not opened it until there were just a few bites left. Next time …


Dinner: Tuesday, May 12, 2009

photo-9If I didn’t feel compelled to eat something so that I could blog about dinner — purely so I could say that I have somehow (miraculously) actually accomplished everything I had to do today — I would have skipped dinner and tumbled into bed exhausted. Well, except that there’s a mound of crap on my bed; I’m in the midst of moving.

So instead, whether to avoid the aforementioned pile or to stoke my ego, I’m eating a hot sausage from Papaya Dog (sauerkraut, relish, ketchup and spicy mustard) and nibbling at a few fries 10 minutes until midnight.

Which means I’m not going to bed anytime soon, because food in the stomach is the worst way to fall asleep. I guess I’ll try to get a jump start on tomorrow, which, if anything, is an even more impossible day…

Bonus: Thursday, April 2, 2009

photo21Taco sharks attack!

For some reason, “staying in” turned into “going out” with the promise that I would be tucked in by 1 a.m., which is in 0:14 minutes from now. Eventually I left my friends half-asleep on a large sectional couch to come home to Trader Joe’s Mini Chicken Tacos, which, at 190 calories for 5 (FIVE!!) of them, ain’t such a bad late-night snack.

I doctored them up with some lime-green secret sauce from a nearby Peruvian chicken place — I know of those who have been known to have such adoration for the lime-green secret sauce that they purchase it by the pint-sized take-out container — and also with some of my newest favorite store-bought lettuce mix, which I can’t stop raving about: Earthbound Farm‘s heirloom lettuce blend.

photo6Maybe  it was the vaguely fin-shaped lettuce tidbit protruding from the mini taco shell, but suddenly the mini chicken tacos became sharks — taco sharks, to be exact — swarming, circling, on my small plate.

You know what comes next: the Jaws anthem. Duh-duh. Duhhh-duh. Duhhh duh de duh de duh (escalates until giant fish emerges from water with gaping jaws).

So this is where I close, with either a “Chicken of the Sea” Jessica Simpson joke (Newlyweds), or a self-to-Jaws analogy (’cause those tacos are history). Take your pick.

COST: >$5
PREP TIME: 3 minutes