Breakfast: Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I’d completely forgotten how great leftover pizza is for breakfast! A slice and a big glass of milk, I remember eating that many a morning over the years.

What’s that say about my pizza consuming habits? Well, in these last years since living in NYC, I almost never order pizza delivery, which is where the leftovers of my past mostly came from.

Here, I mostly eat it by the slice, often on-the-go, and on the occasion I take part in eating a whole pie, well, by the end of the night there’s never any left over …

If on some off chance there was leftover pizza, it mysteriously disappears between the hours of midnight and 5 am. Turns into a pumpkin or something, I guess.

COST: n/a (brilliance of leftovers)
PREP TIME: 30 seconds micro


Lunch: Wednesday, April 16, 2009

photo214Lunch strategy: Eat this now and find real food later.

This =s the best bits of leftover stir-fried vegetables, fried rice and paltry iceberg lettuce salad from mediocre meal at Chef Yu earlier this week. Plus a hard-boiled egg (not pictured). Sort of pathetic, but tastes surprisingly okay, which is to say mostly soy sauce-y with a hint of pineapple sweetness left from the sauce which I poured off. In small doses, it’s not so sticky sweet.

Will get me through till next real meal …

COST: salvage mission!
PREP TIME: 2 minutes in the micro, 1 minute arranging

Lunch: Tuesday, March 24, 2009

photo1What a difference a plate makes.

Kitchen sink stir-fry looks hardly “leftover,” thanks to yet another triumphant makeover, this one cosmetic.

The best part? These 9″ plates (8-count, $1.50) weren’t only the most festive at Duane Reede today, but they were also the best value.  Chinette offered 9″ plates (16-count, $3.99) at at slightly higher price point, minus the flair. On a per-plate basis, the 100-count package of generic, super-flimsy plates was cheaper… but the fact that you need a stack of three to sustainably hold food sort of defeats the purpose.

COST: $1.50 package of plates

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Dinner: Monday, March 23, 2009

dinner0323Leftover wok n’ roll. 

The bizarre Thai “salad” of chopped white onion, red bell pepper and carrot threads that turned up with Thai delivery over the weekend has been staring at me from the fridge since. But what to do? It certainly wasn’t salad. And I hate wasting food.

So I threw it into a wok tonight, along with some almost-turning broccoli florets, a couple of eggs and some stray leftover chicken. For the final minute or so, I added in some steamed Jasmine rice and Soy Vay “Veri Very Teriyaki” sauce — love that stuff — and wok’d it up until presto: kitchen sink stir-fry. 

COST: minimal — mostly just not wasting what was already purchased.
PREP TIME: 15 minutes