Missed: Dinner, Thursday, May 21, 2009

photoIt was right about when I popped my last deep-fried button mushroom dunked in a deliciously garlicly aioli into my mouth that I realized I hadn’t taken one damn picture of what was just an appetizer, but (inevietably) ended up being my dinner.

All I’ve got to show for the hours at Rattle n’ Hum last night is this pic annoucing the Stone week (about which I was understandably excited), and my beer menu dated May 21, 2009, and the end of a headache.


Missed: the How-To Make a Leftover Salad Better Post (Friday Lunch)

I just couldn’t get to it yesterday, was too busy. But still really worthwhile content, so here it is: 

Say someone, let’s call this “someone” a “coworker,” offers up a take-out container of spicy Thai chicken salad, which is sort of along the lines of what you’re in the mood to eat, anyhow. 

photo-1photo-2It’s not beautiful, but it’s not wilted. Kind of smells good (spicy). And you just spent $6 on breakfast. Do you take it? Yes. Do you eat it right then and there out of that container? No! Rule no. 1 about leftover salads is you don’t eat them beyond a few hours of original prep. Rule no. 2 is, make it better. 

photoHow? By adding in fresh greens and maybe a little extra protein, to start. Also pick out any unsavory parts, such as soggy wonton noodles, or bits of lettuce that are starting to turn already. 

Combine in a fresh container (KEY), and shake. Don’t worry about the dressing; salads are perpetually overly-doused with dressing, so there will be enough on the original salad to gently flavor the additions. 


Missed: Dinner, Tuesday, May 5, 2009

p-1600-1200-862e3527-2e15-4b23-bdee-c91a29f021d4.jpegSo I missed writing about dinner last night, which is probably best because it essentially consisted of heavy grazing of party snacks, including veggies and artichoke dip, cheese cubes, triangular spinach in phyllo dough, and a lot of water crackers (see photo).